XSEDE Storage Allocation and Jetstream

Jetstream has 2 petabytes of storage total across the entire system. A smaller portion of that total is usable by researchers, educators, and students. 

Jetstream Storage allocations are measured in Gigabytes (GB) or Terabytes (TB). 

An XSEDE storage allocation is the SUM of all your storage across all of Jetstream's clouds, storage modes, access methods, or subsidiary users.

Jetstream has multiple provider clouds, one each at:

  • IU
  • TACC.

Jetstream has two modes of storage:

  • Block storage (implemented as virtual volumes)
  • Object Storage ( experimental – data stored as objects in an object database and accessible via protocols like S3 or Swift)

Jetstream has multiple control access methods:

  • default web-user-interface: ATMOSPHERE
  • available-upon-request advanced interface(s): API.


  • Changes to this default are by request and only up to maximums available to the user's aggregate allocation profile.
  • When requesting upgrades from the default 100 GB, PI's of allocations should inform support staff how individual quotas will be parsed over:
    • IU vs. TACC cloud provider
    • BLOCK vs. OBJECT storage at each cloud.
    • ATMOSPHERE vs. API interface at each cloud .
    • per USER
    • EXAMPLE: Dr. Jane Smith has been awarded 10 TB of storage. She requests:
      • 5 TB each on IU and TACC providers => 10 TB aggregate across Jetstream
        • 5 TB of block storage on TACC, but 3 TB of block storage and 2 TB of Object storage on IU
          • ALL 5 TB of TACC block storage under ATMOSPHERE, but only 2 TB of ATMOSPHERE block storage at IU. The remainder at IU under API.
            • 1 TB each to herself, one postdoc, and 3 students at TACC ATMOSPHERE. => 5 TB aggregate at TACC
            • 1 TB each to herself and one postdoc under IU ATMOSPHERE; 500 GB each to herself and one postdoc under API; 2 TB of Object storage =>  5 TB aggregate at IU.
              • *NOTE: the 3 students maintain their default 100 GB at IU.


To use the system you must have a valid Jetstream allocation. Allocations are processed through the eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE). For information on how to apply see Jetstream Allocations.

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