Get a Jetstream Trial Access account

==> This is a limited trial only and not a full standard account.
==> If you are trying to get access to an existing allocation, please see here

The Jetstream Trial Access (JTA) account is for exploratory purposes only and there are limits hard-wired into the allocation. Those limits are noted here.
The additional limits placed on JTA accounts are not present for Startup and Full allocations.

More details about startup and other allocations are here:

1) Do you have an XSEDE User Portal (XUP) account?

NO: If you don't have an XSEDE User Portal (XUP) account, you'll need to create one:

YES: If you already have an XSEDE User Portal Account, sign into the Portal

2) Enroll in Jetstream Trial Access

Once you have your Portal account and have logged in, look towards the bottom left for the Jetstream Trial Allocation section. Click the


button to get your Jetstream Trial Access account.

3) Get more information about allocations