Network configuration and policies

Hardware Configuration:

The underlying cloud providers have hardware with:

    • 10 Gbps network connectivity from the compute hosts to the cloud's internal network infrastructure
    • 4-fold 40 Gbps uplinks from the cloud infrastructure to the site's enterprise infrastructure
    • 100 Gbps connectivity from the site infrastructure to the Internet2 backbone 
    • 10 Gbps redundant connectivity to the XSEDE research network
    • Individual instances have full access to this infrastructure with no added speed limits.

Persistent IPs:


Presently, Atmosphere does not allow for persistent IPs. If your VM is down for more than 5 minutes, regardless if it is a planned system outage, emergency outage, or if you have taken your VM offline, you can and very well may end up with a different IP number. If you require a persistent IP for a service, we recommend you obtain API access and bring your service up there. Please see Using the Jetstream API for more information


The Jetstream API provides persistent IPs that will remain through VM actions or outages. We do ask that you release any unused IPs back to the public pool. The Jetstream administration team reserves the right to release any IP addresses not associated with a VM as needed.

Security Policies:


Public IP: For instances managed by the Atmosphere user interface, all instances are currently provided access to an optional public IP address.

Open ports: Current Atmosphere security policy only opens ports 22, 80, and 443 or ports > 1024 by default.

All other ports are closed by default.

Default open ports may be closed through local instance based security controls, though care should be taken to not disrupt essential Jetstream services.


Public IP: All API instances have only private network IP addresses by default. Public IP addresses can be requested.

Open ports: All API instances have no open security by default.

Control of networking and security for API instances is described in the API (OpenStack command line) documentation.

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