Using XSEDE SSO Hub As A Jump Host

**PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the normal mechanism to use the XSEDE SSO Hub as described in the XSEDE SSO documentation:

Users can make use of XSEDE's Single Sign-On (SSO) Login Hub to simplify ssh'ing directly to Jetstream instances WITHOUT adding new keys for each and every host they ever originate from into their Atmosphere settings:


  • enter XSEDE password and perform multi-factor authentication

From now on, you’ll be able to use the following to connect to your Jetstream instances from any local computer that has ssh but jumping through the XSEDE-SSO host:

You'll be asked to provide your XSEDE credentials, and authenticate with Duo/Phone, then your ssh-keys with be used to access the instance (if you have a password in your keys, you'll be asked for that at this time).