How to request additional resources on Jetstream

I have a current XSEDE allocation but need additional Service Units (SUs):

My limits on the number cores, the number of instances, or memory are too small:

  • Additional resources, such as CPUs and memory, may be requested via Atmosphere.
  • After logging in, click on Change Your Settings.  Then click on request more resources in the Allocation section.

On the popup form,

  • Determine if you need more Service Units or larger Quota

Click on Next.

NOTE: If you select Service Units, you will be redirected to the XSEDE User Portal.

On the popup form,

  1. List the resources needed, e.g., 4 CPUs and 8GB memory, running 4 cores for 1 week
  2. Enter a justification for the resource request, describing how the additional resources will be used.

Click on Complete Request to submit the form.