Transferring Files with Globus

Prerequisites : 

  1. Globus account.
  2. Install Globus Connect Personal on your personal computer.

On your Virtual Machine: 

  1. Log into your VM either via ssh, Web Shell or terminal Web Desktop

 2.  Download and install Globus connect on the VM

 3.  Go to the globus connect directory on your VM

  • cd ~/globusconnectpersonal-{your-version}

  • Run ./globusconnect
    • Go to the URL 
    • Copy the auth code and paste it in the VM

  • Give the new endpoint a unique name

4.  Activate the endpoint on your VM

  • ./globusconnect -start &

To Transfer Files: 

  1. To transfer files between endpoints go to

     Click in the Endpoint dialogue box to select endpoints ( look under tab “Administered by Me” ).

 2.  Here you can select from the endpoints you have set up. 

To Stop Globus 

To stop globusconnect on your VM– ./globusconnect -stop