[DEPRECATED] Using x2go with the BioLinux 8 image

The BioLinux 8 image comes bundled by default with x2go. While x2go is not the preferred desktop sharing method for Jetstream, it is very functional and does work well.  At this time, VNC is not functioning properly on the BioLinux 8 image. 

To get started, download the x2go client.  The client for Windows, OSX, and multiple versions of Linux  is available from the x2go site. Installation instructions are here: x2goclient installation instructions (all platforms) .

After installation, launch the client and set up a new connection:

  • Session name: enter a descriptive name for the connection
  • Host: Your_VM_IP_address (or DNS name)
  • Login: Your_XSEDE_username
  • To login via SSH enter your Jetstream SSH key. Optional: check "Try auto login (via SSH agent or default SSH key)"
  • Session Type: Choose "Custom Desktop" and Command: "MATE"
    Session Type  "MATE"                 and Command : ""  (leave blank)
  • Click OK to save the connection.

Once saved, click on the connection to bring up the virtual machine GUI desktop.  Note that it may take 1-2 minutes for the connection to come up.