Installing the Openstack clients on OS X

This will help you get the Openstack clients working on Mac OS X 10.11.x. It may work on recent older versions of Mac OS X but it has not been tested. 

Follow the instructions below at your own risk.

If it’s not already installed, install Xcode from the App Store.
Add these lines to .bash_profile

# Set architecture flags
export ARCHFLAGS="-arch x86_64"
# Ensure user-installed binaries take precedence
export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

Run this command

source .bash_profile

Verify that the Xcode required tools are installed and functional (This command may require root access to run.)

xcode-select --install

Set the permissions that Brew expects

sudo chflags norestricted /usr/local && sudo chown $(whoami):admin /usr/local && sudo chown -R $(whoami):admin /usr/local

Install Brew if not already installed

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

If Brew is installed, update as needed.

brew update

If prompted to agree to the Xcode license run:

xcodebuild -license

Check the Brew install with this command. If errors found doctor will provide instructions to fix them.brew doctor
Verify that Brew is up to datebrew update
Install pythonbrew install python
Fix the linksbrew linkapps python

+Though not strictly necessary, we recommend using virtualenv to increase the stability of the openstack cli tools.
Create a directory for the project (cd to your preferred directory first)+mkdir <project_name>
Change to the project directorycd <project_name>
Install the VirtualEnvironment packagessudo easy_install virtualenv
Start the VirtualEnvironment software virtualenv <project_name>
Activate the VirtualEnvironment for the project

source <project_name>/bin/activate

Install the OpenStack clients

pip install python-openstackclient

Please note: Openstack client >= 4.0 require Python 3, so the command will be:

pip3 install python-openstackclient

for the newer versions.

Additional clients that may also be useful depending on your custom needs are:

python-swiftclient, python-heatclient, python-senlinclient

For current users, clients that you likely no longer need to install are:

python-keystoneclient, python-novaclient, python-neutronclient, python-cinderclient, python-glanceclient

Set up your OpenStack credentials

See Setting up for details.

source .openrc
Test an Open Stack commandopenstack flavor list
If you get python errors try these commands:

pip uninstall six

pip install six

Following future OpenStack updates, all installed pip modules can be updated with this command:

pip freeze --local | grep -v '^-e' | cut -d = -f 1 | xargs -n1 pip install -U