Using the Jetstream API

To request OpenStack API access, email with the subject "Requesting Jetstream API access for the <XYZ PROJECT>".  In your email, answer as many of the questions listed below as possible.

  • Briefly describe what you want to do and how you’re going to do it.
  • What will runtime operations look like?
  • Does this application exist already or is this primarily a development effort? If yes, what parts exist and where can they be referenced?
  • What API are you planning on using, Openstack, RADOS, Atmosphere, EC2, S3, something else?
  • Are any of these gateways? Might it spawn a gateway in the future?
  • What resources could you conceive this project consuming once in production? Please include sustained as well as peak resource demands.
  • Do you anticipate bursting into/out of Jetstream?
  • Jetstream contains more than one OpenStack cloud.  Were you aware of this and do you think your implementation will be able to leverage multiple clouds initially? Eventually?
  • Are there long term storage needs, for example for reference data, that need to be accessible from the running instances? If so, how much storage is needed?

  • Are there run-time scratch/transient/workbench storage needs?
  • What is/are the XSEDE project name(s)?
  • Who is working on this project and what are their roles?
  • Is there a group account that development will occur under?
  • Is there one primary developer that will be using this account; or, will a group of individuals be developing code within this account?

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