Image Specific Documentation

Featured Images:

Featured images are installed, verified, and maintained by Jetstream staff and are the recommend starting points for your use or development efforts.

A list of Featured images is here :

Custom images:

Some of the more commonly used custom images include:

NCGAS Images:

While not officially Featured images, our colleagues at the National Center for Genomics Analyais (NCGAS) have created and maintain a number of images targeted at genomics and biology. We encourage you to peruse the catalog that they have created concerning biology and bioinformatics software on Jetstream:

WARNING: Atmosphere vs. API

We cannot recommend strongly enough not using Atmosphere images on the API side of Jetstream or vice-versa.

The Atmosphere user interface is designed to be extremely easy to use, particularly for beginning users but the trade-off is that Atmosphere enforces certain practices behind the scenes.

The API user interface is close to raw openstack, makes almost no assumptions, requires advanced knowledge of Openstack and Linux, but is therefore much more flexible.

API and Atmosphere base images provided by Jetstream staff require SUBSTANTIAL work to make them CLEANLY work in the other environment.