Galaxy Standalone image information

Docs from Galaxy with Jetstream may be found here:

The standalone Galaxy server comes preconfigured with hundreds of tools and commonly used reference datasets. It only takes a couple of minutes to start one. Once running, you can use it or change it up any way you like.

Please note that, due to some Jetstream restrictions, this is a standalone Galaxy server in the cloud - it is not a scalable virtual cluster managed by CloudMan.

This image is based on the Ubuntu featured image for 18.04 LTS with basic dev tools, GUI/Xfce added

Galaxy Standalone runs on port 8080 by default -- this is on purpose in the case that you need to also run a standard web server on your instance.

If your IP number assigned is, you would access your standalone Galaxy as

Installation size ~ 9.8 GB Requires an m1.medium or larger to run.

Information on administering Galaxy may be found here:

Galaxy help is here:

Galaxy dir is /opt/galaxy/galaxy