Adding SSH keys to the Jetstream Atmosphere environment

Jetstream provides /wiki/spaces/JWT/pages/17465492, a web-based terminal, for accessing your VM at the command line level once it has been deployed.  However, you might find that you wish to access your VM via SSH if you’ve provisioned it with a routable IP number.

For SSH access, you can create (or copy) SSH public-keys for your non-Jetstream computer that will allow it to access Jetstream then deposit those keys in your Atmosphere settings.

NOTE: DSS keys were deprecated in OpenSSH release 7.0 ( in late 2015. Jetstream recommends and only supports using RSA-based SSH keys or ed25519-based keys.

Assistance creating SSH keys

Step-by-step guide to Adding SSH public keys to Atmosphere settings:

1. To add your ssh key(s) to Jetstream, click on your username in the upper right hand corner and then click Settings.

2.  On the Settings screen, under Advanced, click Show More, to expand the section for adding your SSH key.  Check the box that says “Enable ssh access into launched instances” and then click the green plus sign to actually add your key.

3. On the next screen give the key a descriptive name and then paste the contents of your PUBLIC ssh key into the dialog box.

4. After you have pasted in your SSH key, click Confirm.  You will then be back at the Settings screen with your key shown in the SSH Configuration section.

5. You must redeploy or reboot an instance AFTER adding or updating your SSH public-keys in order to have those keys added to the instance.