System Overview

Jetstream is an NSF-funded (NSF-1445604), user-friendly cloud environment designed to give researchers access to interactive computing and data analysis resources on demand, whenever and wherever they want to analyze their data. It is not a traditional High Performance Computing (HPC) or High Tech Computer (HTC) environment.

It provides a library of virtual machines designed to do discipline specific scientific analysis. Software creators and researchers will also be able to create their own customized virtual machines (VM) or their own private computing system within Jetstream.

Jetstream features a web-based user interface based on the popular Atmosphere cloud computing environment developed by the CyVerse (formerly known as the iPlant Collaborative) that has been extended to support science and engineering research generally. The operational software environment is based on OpenStack.

Accessing Jetstream

Jetstream is accessible primarily through a web interface using XSEDE credentials via Globus Auth.

Jetstream is not accessible via XSEDE's Single Sign-On Login Hub.

Newly created XSEDE accounts must be added to a Jetstream specific allocation by the PI or Resource manager in order to access Jetstream.

Jetstream is meant primarily for interactive research, small scale processing on demand, or as the backend to science gateways to send research jobs to other HPC or HTC resources.

Jetstream is different in that you can work with interactive GUIs that you couldn't otherwise use on most HPC systems.

Jetstream may be used for prototyping, for creating tailored workflows to either use at smaller scale with a handful of CPUs or to port to larger environments after doing your proof of concept work at a smaller level.

Jetstream is not a typical High Performance Computing (HPC) or High Tech Computer (HTC) environment and won't be used for large scale parallel processing or high-throughput computing.

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