Using cloud-init scripts with the Jetstream API

Cloud-init is the package that handles early initialization of a cloud instance. Cloud-init allows you to customize an instance at boot using a user-data script. This allows you to override vendor-data scripts like the forced update on initial boot, add software, add git repositories, add users, and many other actions.

To use a cloud-init script on the command line, you add 

--user-data ~/scriptname

to the openstack server create command.

When doing a cloud-init script, it's crucial to start it with #cloud-config so the interpreter knows that it's not just a standard shell script.

There are a number of examples of cloud-init scripts here:

packages: []

package_update: false
package_upgrade: false
package_reboot_if_required: false

final_message: "Boot completed in $UPTIME seconds"