In order to remove a Volume from an active Instance, it must be detached. Volumes can only be detached from ACTIVE instances.

Files/data saved to a Volume is maintained across successive attachment/detachment actions.

From the Jetstream Atmosphere Dashboard:

REMINDER: Volumes can only be detached if:

  1. they are not in active use by a process on the instance
    1. fuser -m /<volume>  to LIST all processes using a volume 
      1. You might also try sudo fuser -m /volume if nothing comes up – this will check for root processes holding the volume open
    2. fuser -km /<volume> to KILL all processes using a volume
      1. If you get results with sudo above, you'll need to do sudo fuser -km /<volume> to kill the processes
  2. the instance to which they are attached is active

sudo lsof /vol_dir will also show you processes using the volume.