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ProblemPossible Solution

VM gets stuck trying to provision the network.


Previously behaving and unmodified VM develops problems.

Try these in this order:

  1. Refresh: Refresh your browser and confirm that the Atmosphere interface has synchronized with the latest Jetstream information.
  2. Wait: Please be aware that while provisioning is generally rapid, it can sometimes take several minutes during times of heavy activity. (wait 5-10 minutes)
  3. Redeploy/Reboot: Click Projects (on the top menu) and select the Project with the instance that is stuck.
    Then click on the instance name that's stuck.
    From the Actions menu on the right try
    • Redeploy first (waiting about 2 minutes before proceeding),
    Reboot if that fails (waiting about 5-10 minutes before going to the next step), and 
    Hard Reboot
    if the first two actions fail (waiting about 5-10 minutes).

If none of these Actions work, DO NOT DELETE THE INSTANCE. Make note of the Alias (UID) and IP Address of the Instance, and email that information to or click the button.

Hostname mismatch

If you’re having hostname mismatch issues with some software, try the following:

  1. type su
  2. type 'crontab -e'
  3. add this line:

    @reboot /bin/hostname | awk -F'.' '{print $1}' > /etc/hostname
  4. save
Volume fails to detach

  1. make sure the instance to which the volume is attached is actively running
  2. make sure no jobs or process are running on the instance are using the volume
    The command:

    fuser -km /vol_b

    will terminate all processes using the volume named /vol_b

Volume fails to attach

  1. make sure the instance to which the volume should be attached is actively running

My instance has been locked by an administrator
  1. Are you running an insecure web-service like Apache or MongoDB with no security features enabled ?
    1. MongoDB:
    2. Apache:
Web-Shell (Gate-One) does not connect (via ssh)

If your Web-Shell / Gate-One stalls at a prompt like:

  1. then close the session by clicking on the "X" in the top-right menu bar:

2. then close the browser window/tab.

3. Go back to your Jetstream Atmosphere window and re-click on the link.

Web Desktop does not launch

Try using the instructions for an external VNC viewer

API command line access to TACC fails with "requires authentication" error

Add the following two lines to the script if they are not there:

missing TACC env variables
btrfs in conjunction with OpenStack's ceph has known kernel bugplease use a different file system. e.g XFS, EXT4
Mouse does not work in web desktop

Laptops with touchscreens are unable to use the mouse in the web desktop using Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10.

There is a bug in the web browser code in both Chrome and Firefox for using a touchscreen PC with the web desktop of Jetstream. This is not a bug we can easily work around since it's in the browser code itself.

While we do not recommend using Internet Explorer, it does not have the issue. Using a VNC Viewer also is a viable workaround.
web-shell works for my Ubuntu 16.04 version or newer instance, but I cannot ssh to it directly from an external ssh client
  • Are you using DSA keys? DSA keys are deprecated for Ubuntu 16.04 and newer instances. Please use RSA keys.

Users with a brace " { " or parenthesis "(" in their passwords may experience errors with OpenStack command line commands. 

  • There is a known issue with braces in openstack passwords when using the OpenStack command line client. At this time, do not use a brace in your password.
  • A potential work around is to enclose your password in single quotes in your .openrc
fail2ban has locked you out from vnc or terminal-based shell sessions

Use the web shell and do the following:

  • sudo iptables -L -n
    • Look for your IP number in that output, if it's there, proceed
  • sudo fail2ban-client status

Should show you fail2ban is working and your jail name(s):

[js-157-95] root ~-->fail2ban-client status
|- Number of jail: 1
`- Jail list: ssh-iptables
  • sudo fail2ban-client set ssh-iptables unbanip YOUR_IP_NUMBER

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