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Jetstream allocations are measured in XSEDE Service Units (SUs). On Jetstream, SUs are consumed at a rate of 1 SU per vCPU_core-hour (use of one virtual core of a CPU per hour). For more information on XSEDE Service Units, see the XSEDE KB document “On XSEDE, how are compute jobs charged? 

The SU cost rate per hour for each Jetstream VM size is outlined in Virtual Machine Sizes and Configurations.


Starting October 1, 2018: 

SUSPENDED instances are will be decremented only 0.75 SUs per vCPU_core-hour (75%).

STOPPED instances are will be decremented only 0.50 SUs per vCPU_core-hour (50%).

SHELVED instances are will not be decremented SUs. (0%)

ACTIVE-DEPLOYING instances are will not be decremented SUs. (0%)


To use the system you must have a valid Jetstream allocation. Allocations are processed through the eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE). For information on how to apply see Jetstream Allocations.


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