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titleJetstream Featured Images

For policy details and information on how to request access to the Jetstream API see, Using the Jetstream API.

Also note that several Jetstream "Featured" API images are available. They will be named JS-API-Featured-xxxxxx 

We've also added images as part of preparations for Jetstream2 that are named JS-API-Next-xxxxxxxx → please note that these images will require you to use an m1.small on Jetstream1 due to disk size (the tiny flavor will have a larger disk on JS2)

Code Block
openstack image list | grep -iE '(JS-API)'  OR
glance image-list | grep -iE '(JS-API)'
see OpenStack command line for other common commands

  • Once your XSEDE and TACC credentials are in order, confirm that you can authenticate to the OpenStack Horizon portal for each cloud, in the TACC domain:
  • You will likely want to have the OpenStack client tools. A convenient place to host these tools is to Start up a VM instance via Atmosphere and install the OpenStack clients.

For more information see: Using the Jetstream APIs: Installing the Client