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Create Private Network

1: Login to Horizon:



Domain: TACC

User Name: your TACC username

Password: your TACC password




Login to Horizon

2: Click on Network → Network Topology → +Create Network



3:  Enter a network name, for example, username_net.





4:  Enter a subnet name, username_subnet, and a network address,






5:  Click Create to create the new network.






6:  Click on +Create Router.  



7:  Enter a router name, username_router, connect to the External Network: public, click Create Router.

8:  Connect your private network to the router. Click on the router you just created then +Add Interface.

9:  Select the subnet you just created from the dropdown list. Click Add Interface.

The network should now be connected to the new router.  The end result will look similar to the diagram below.

Create Firewall Rules

Each project has its own firewall rules. You will need to add at least an ssh rule to allow yourself to ssh into your instances.

    • On the left side bar, click on Compute → Access & Security → Security Groups
    • Find the default group, then click Manage Rules
    • Click Add Rule
    • Rule: Choose SSH from the dropdown
    • Click Add


Upload SSH Key

You will need to upload at least 1 ssh public key in order to access the instances you create. 

    • On the left side bar, click on Compute → Access & Security → Key Pairs
    • Click Import Key Pair
      • Key Pair Name: username_key
      • Public Key: your_public_key
      • Click Import Key Pair


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