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  1. Log into Jetstream via the web interface,, and launch the instance.
  2. When the status shows as Active, click the 'Open Web Shell' link found on the lower right hand side of the screen. If this link is unavailable try refreshing your window.
    If the link is still not enabled, log in to your instance via SSH.

3. Under normal circumstances web-shell will automatically use your <USERID>_default credentials or any SSH Public Keys you have uploaded to Jetstream and you will not have to enter your XSEDE username and password.

  • If the Web-shell does not auto-login and instead shows:
    [Press Shift-F1 for help]
    Host/IP or ssh:// URL [localhost]:

    Simply click the "X" in the top-right corner, close the tab or window and re-click "Open Web Shell"

A successful Web Shell login will look similar to the following.

<---- Click "X" to reset web-shell

To become root

Enter 'sudo su -' at the command prompt or type 'sudo command' and replace command with the command for which you want to use sudo.