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Active Issues

2Jetstream may not recognize XSEDE-associated usernames that differ from TACC usernames due to unresolved issues with identity mapping. This primarily affects long-time users of XSEDE or Teragrid.8/30/2016
This can be mitigated by filing a ticket at requesting that your TACC and XSEDE usernames be brought into alignment. 
3Some Jetstream virtual machines remain stuck in the Networking stage when they launch. This prevents users from logging into or using the virtual machine.8/30/2016
Try redeploying the virtual machine as described here, Instance management actions.
4X2GO on the Biolinux8 image is currently experiencing keyboard mapping issues on first login.9/28/2016

Using the x2goclient software on your remote machine

  • suspend the x2go session
  • restore the x2go session by re-authenticating

This restored session will have the correct keyboard map.

5If there is a dot/period within the last three characters of the instance name, that instance will fail to launch. This is not considered a bug by the OpenStack community but rather a feature that ties into a dynamic DNS feature.9/30/2016
Don't have a period in the instance name within three characters of the end.

Resolved Issues


Jetstream is not currently recognizing all XSEDE staff allocations, such as TG-STA060015, as being valid for some users. This is in part because these allocations are roaming allocations.

XSEDE users whose only Jetstream allocation is one of these staff allocations may not be able to log into the system or manage VMs.

8/30/20169/12/2016XSEDE users can resolve this by requesting a non-roaming or startup allocation on Jetstream. See Jetstream Allocations for details or email

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