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After launching an instance, several options are available under the Actions menu located on the right hand side of your screen.


Report an instance if these situations occur:

  • you can't connect via SSH or VNC
  • the status never changes from pending to running
  • you receive errors when running or installing software
  • the metrics for the instance do not display
  • the instance exhibits any other unexpected behavior

Image request - see Customizing and Saving a VM

Suspend an instance to:

  • free up resources for other users
  • safely preserve the state of your instance without imaging
  • preserve your resources and time allocation (your resource usage charts will only reflect the freed resources when the instance is suspended)
  • NOTE: The IP address is likely to change when the instance is resumed.

Stop an instance to:

  • free up resources for other users
  • NOTE: Your instance will continue to burn XSEDE Service Units (SUs).  To preserve your resources and time allocation you must suspend your instance.)

Redeploy an instance:

  • to fix intances that show up as 'active - deploy_error'
  • Contact support if your VM returns to the deploy_error state after redeployment.

Reboot an instance to send:

  • an 'ACPI Restart' request to the VM that will start the reboot process for your VM
  • a 'Hard Reboot', which will forcibly restart your VM, if it doesn't respond to a 'Reboot'

Delete an instance:

  • Unmount volumes within your instance before deleting the instance or risk corrupting your data and the volume.
  • Your instance will be shut down and all data will be permanently lost!
  • Your resource usage charts will not reflect changes until the instance is completely deleted and has disappeared from your list of instances.




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