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If you already have an XSEDE allocation and need to request additional service units (SUs) the PI or co-PI may submit a request via the XSEDE User Portal. For instructions on how to submit the request, see How do I request supplemental service units for an XSEDE allocation?

Additional resources, such as CPUs and memory, may be requested via Atmosphere.  After logging in, click on Change Your Settings.  Then click on request more resources in the Allocation section.

On the popup form,

  1. Select the cloud for which you would like additional resources - IU or TACC.
  2. Identify the Allocation Source
  3. List the resources needed, e.g., 4 CPUs and 8GB memory, running 4 cores for 1 week
  4. Enter a justification for the resource request
  5. Describe how the additional resources will be used.

Click on Request Resources to submit the form.

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