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An image is a type of template for a virtual machine (VM).

You can launch an instance, install the software and files you want to use, then request an image of the instance.  This will save all of the changes and updates within Atmosphere.  Saving instances as images saves resources. The saved image can be relaunched at any time so that it won't keep running, and using resources, when it is not being used. 

  • THE INSTANCE MUST BE ACTIVE OR STOPPED in order to request an image. Currently, Jetstream cannot image Suspended instances.
    Failure to detach Volumes will result in a image whose child instances fail to boot.

  • Imaging Guidelines: There are several other restrictions and notes of which you must be aware in order to achieve a successful image.
    For example, several directories and files are removed during image creation.
  • At this time, only the creator of an image may update an image.
  • Please note that s1.* based customized instances will NOT be able to be used to create images in Atmosphere.


After submitting the form, the Jetstream Atmosphere support staff will review and process the request. Future versions of Atmosphere will allow users to initiate the VM imaging process automatically.

Be sure to test launch any image created to validate that it behaves as expected BEFORE suspending or removing the current active instance, since only active instances can be imaged.



Creating an image on the SMALLEST possible size VM on which it will run will allow the image to be launched on VMs of the same size and larger. 

For example, an image created on a Tiny size VM can be launched on a VM of any size; an image created on a Medium VM can only be launched on a Medium or larger size VM.

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