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Jetstream API developers

Early access to Jetstream's OpenStack API is being granted to select developers only. For policy details and information on how to request access see, Using the Jetstream API.

Also note that several Jetstream "Featured" API images are available. They will be named JS-API-Featured-xxxxxx 

openstack image list | grep -iE '(JS-API)'  OR
glance image-list | grep -iE '(JS-API)'
see OpenStack command line for other common commands

OpenStack clients for various Operating Systems

Using an Atmosphere instance or other local Linux installation (such as CentOS-7), install these packages:

Mac OS X:


  • Instructions for installing command line clients for Windows are available from an external site. Please note that these instructions have not been tested.
  • Set the environment variables in  For instructions see Setting up
  • After the clients have been installed and the environment variables set, test your configuration with the OpenStack client command:
    openstack image list
    which should now return useful information.
  • If you have never worked with OpenStack and need help in creating your first running instance email
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